Happy Human Rights Day!

Or unhappy weighing in the situation on the planet with global warming induced by abusive industrial practices’ and the impact to indigenous nations/tribes and people of color. Even in the most financially advanced state of the Union and 8th strongest economy on the planet, we are observing the dismissal of the poorest Americans and workers who fuel the most single potent industry in the state. According to 2008 figures from CDFA, the industry banks on $36.6 billion dollars that then generate close to $100 Billion in related activity. Why then are the farmworker communities/regions the poorest in the state/nation? The Measure of America Human Development report highlighted the fact that the Valley continues to be one of the unhealthiest, least educated and with the most concentrated poverty in the nation. To achieve a respect for the human right to exist and subsist we need new industries based on green footprints rather than carbon. We need new industrial models that look at full circle and not bottom line. We need new culture that looks at what we can create not destroy or exploit towards inutility. Each of us Humans has the right and the power to bring all of this into fruition but we must ACTION! Join us in the effort to do all of this a bit at a time at the SJV Regional Green Jobs Coalition where we know that to grow the good is by doing it together! We are in dire need of volunteers to initiate our Millenial campaign for a new future and a new people with green capes. Check out our developing website: regionalgreenjobs.org. Ofcourse we can!

We will have a functioning donor button in the near future, stay tuned!


2 thoughts on “Happy Human Rights Day!

  1. I am working on a project at the University of Minnesota Law School proposing new policies that will help increase the use of renewable energy in low-income communities of color. Please contact me if you have any ideas on this subject.

    • Hey Will, please e-mail me at Rleon@valleyleap.org. I appologize for not responding earlier but the work has kept me from the blog. We are a small but ambitious organization that is making strides to green the valley and we have been effective in advancing the leadership of farmworker communities to change culture, policy and practice. Let me know if you are still interested in having a conversation! -Rey

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