Bring the Forest to your neighborhood for a COOLER community!

Planting with Purpose URBAN FORESTRY Grant ProgramCA ReLEAF WorkshopFINAL

Don’t miss this awesome opportunity to learn about the Community Forestry Grant Workshop!  This is the second workshop that Valley Latino Environmental Advancement and Policy Project hosts in Fresno for San Joaquin Valley community groups and organizations.  What is great about the workshop is that you will have the agencies responsible for awarding the grants and will be available for questions after they present and as you work on your proposal to add “Green Canopies” to cool off your town.  Maybe you will plant trees so your mom, tia or abuelita can walk to church, or the store, without getting a sun burn!  Probably you have a park that has lost it’s trees to a parasite and their have been no resources to replace them or your neighborhood takes a beating from the sun due to no shading, a desert down each street.

Now is your time to Green Up!  What I was told by Chuck from California ReLEAF is that this year it will be a little different.  They will allow a suplemental project to be funded but the core will still have to be the planting of trees for shade, green house gas reduction and , ultimately, a more beautiful community!

Join us to learn the details, the tricks and to get samples.  What is most important for Cal FIRE and California ReLEAF is that they get the money out to the communities with need, good ideas and a plan.  Come learn how it’s been done and be inspired to come up with your own plane.  The process has been getting easier and the opportunity is only getting better.

For more information click on flyer above!  Thank you and see you there!

Rey Leon, Executive Director, Valley LEAP



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