Air Resources Board Meeting on Transportation in Valley’s West Side

On Thursday, August 11th, the California Air Resources Board (CARB) is coming to one of the poorest rural cities in the state to learn about the challenges of transportation and to create awareness on the opportunities of Plug-In Electric Vehicles (PEVs). This is unheard of for the community which is located on the furthest west side of the region approximately a 6 hours round trip to Fresno on the rural bus. A trip that would not take much longer than an hour and a half round trip in a personal vehicle. Huron is also the community where Valley LEAP’s green-house gas reducing guru and founding executive director, Rey Leon, has been working to enhance the local indigenous rural-ride sharing system to one that is more affordable, efficient and less polluting (ghg’s & criteria pollutants) using PEVs.

All communities from throughout the Valley are invited to share their concerns, experiences and recommendations to the CARB. Also, it will be a great time to learn more about the Valley LEAP model being developed known as GREEN Raiteros (raiteros, those who give rides, from the Spanglish term raite for ride) to supplement the existing regional public transportation system. The focus audience of the convening are Spanish speaking low-income farmworkers but all are welcome!

Join us for an important exchange on greening up public and private transportation options for a healthy populace, less polluted planet and cooler climate!

For more information: Rey Leon, (559) 269-9563 or

Huron Flyer




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