New Funds Boost Clean Car Ridesharing in Central Valley


April 10, 2017

New Funds Boost Clean Car Ridesharing in Central Valley
“Green Raiteros” Will Use EVs to Build on Grassroots Transportation Networks

Contact: Rey Leon, (559) 269-9563

HURON, CALIFORNIA – Recently announced funding will allow creation of a unique, pollution-free transportation service that builds on the informal ridesharing networks already used by local residents.

Administered by EVgo and Valley LEAP and funded by a portion of proceeds from a settlement between the California Public Utilities Commission and NRG, Green Raiteros will build on existing grassroots ridesharing networks run by raiteros, retired farmworkers. The project will operate in the corridor from Huron to Fresno and will improve mobility for low-income residents and demonstrate the feasibility of electric vehicle ridesharing in the Valley.

“Local farmworker communities long ago developed informal ridesharing networks to cope with the Valley’s long distances and the cost of operating a car,” said Valley LEAP executive director Rey León. “We can combine these networks with electric cars to improve reliability, affordability, and help clean our air. We think this pilot program will be the start of something much bigger that will provide a vital resource to our poor rural communities.”

Clean ridesharing in Central Valley communities like Huron is a necessity. The Valley is one of the poorest and most polluted regions in the country. Thirty-five percent of Huron residents carpool to work—double the 14.5 percent state average. The new funding will support the Green Raiteros pilot project with $519,400 over the duration of 15 months to develop a business model tailored to the needs of the Central Valley, build capacity among local communities, deploy charging infrastructure that enables EVs for ridesharing, and expand existing outreach, education, and training programs to help demystify EVs for residents who may be unfamiliar with them.

A kickoff date for the program will be announced shortly.



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